“Last June my 12-year old daughter needed an outside speech therapist and occupational therapist. I contacted several agency’s, but only Innovative Therapy Solutions made me feel they were the best fit for my child. I turns out that was true. They really take the time to get to know what my child needs. I was given a full explanation on what types of testing my daughter would receive and after each session a mini meeting on how the day went. Innovative Therapy Solutions is by far the best place to go for speech and occupational  therapy service. The hours are great, the place is clean ant the therapists are exceptional! I am no longer living in New York, but I still recommend them for friends.” 

S. Manning

“My daughter (3-years old) visits Innovative twice a week to work with Timberly, and she absolutely loves going. Every day, she asks if she’s going to see Miss T, and each visit is immediately followed by, ” I want to come back here tomorrow.” It’s easy to understand why, as the office is essentially a colorful indoor plaground, and Miss T is great with kids: very sweet, very kind, and very knowledgeable. Of course, none of that would mean anything if we weren’t seeing reslults, but everyone who has regular interaction with my daughter has commented on how much her speech has improves. In just a few short months, the change has been nothing short of incredible. Those of us who live in the neighborhood are very lucky to have Innovative here.”

Jay O.

“My child looks forward to coming to Innovative Therapy Solutions for speech therapy! The staff has been extremely accomidating and are always pleasant, resourceful and professional. My family is lucky to have such skilled therapists who really love what they do working with us.” 

Denea E.

“Words can not express how extraordinarily grateful I am in having found Timberly and her therapy center. Our story starts back with Early Intervention when my son started services at age 2, for both Speech and Occupational services. We were lucky to have a great speech therapist but were struggling in finding the appropriate environment for Occupational therapy. Then came time for CPSE services (children ages 3-5). We tried ALL kinds of sessions; home, sensory gym, etc. Nothing seemed appropriate and my son about had it with meeting new people. Nothing seemed appropriate and the therapists we met lacked that special touch and we always seemed out of place. The stars shone brightly when I bumped into the Innovative Therapy Solutions Center and met the wonderful Timberly Leite. This center was EXACTLY what we were looking for- a class room environment that was Not overcrowded with equipment/tools all over the place. It was clean, well organized and extremely efficient. It provided that great ‘home away from home’ quality without the rigidness of a typical classroom setting (which of course, the children are already tired of) It was a perfect balance. We began speech services with Timberly and I would have to admit that in all my years of dealing with numerous therapists, never have I encountered someone so personable who genuinely wanted to help us. She did all she could and created a WONDERFUL relationship with my son (very quickly honestly). He looked forward to his sessions with her and would always eagerly enter the center happy and ready to work & play. Timberly even gave us great tips and activities to take home and practice, even helped us out during our transition process into grade school with the Dept. of Education. She really took her time to explain what she thought what would work best with my son and really understood him- even though he did not talk. There are other therapists at the center who are constantly working with one another and seek advice/guidance from each other. We also began OT sessions there as well. I was so happy to have found such a Excellent environment for my son. I am happy to report that my son, although not speaking independently is finally using language. He repeats just about every word that is spoken to him and continues expanding his vocabulary. I can not tell you how great it is to hear his voice after 3 plus years of silence. I don’t think I’ll be able to fully express my gratitude towards her and all that she has done for us. My only regret is that we did not find her sooner! From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!!!” 


“I sought out Innovative Therapy because I knew my daughter was having difficulty saying certain sounds. At times it was difficult to understand her sentences and questions. Kori has been coming to ITS for approximately 3.5 months and I can hear improvement. Additionally, she enjoys working with Timberly and Timberly does a great job working with Kori and is patient and kind to my daughter.”

M. Weaver

“We had a hard time understanding our daughter at age 2. We thought it was just due to sucking her thumb, but it continued to get worse. Finally we went to early intervention, but she didn’t qualify. We asked our pediatrician and she recommended Timberly. Currently our daughter is talking more, we understand her and she enjoys coming to see Ms. T. 

She is speaking louder and in complete sentences
If you ask her to repeat, she will with patience and is asking us more questions.” 

Mommy of two

“I sought out Innovative Therapy because my little brother needs help with speech. The way he talks and sounds things out. I benefitted him because he says words, I didn’t think he knew and sounds them out perfectly and that is amazing! The most significant pare was that he know how to say sentences perfectly and he can tell me what he learned and describes things. Without this place, I don’t think he could do this. It helps him a lot.” 

Jade, sister of N.

“I bring my child to Innovative Therapy Solutions and he thoroughly enjoys the experience. He’s developed a lot since coming. It’s the best! Our child loves it and we love it as well. 

Anthony Brent Sr.

“I decided to seek services from Innovative Therapy Solutions for my son who I realized was having problems when speaking. It also happens to be convenient for me living only 1 street away. My son is definitely benefitting from the speech therapy he is receiving. I see improvement already in the way he speaks and the way he pronounces words he was having trouble with. I definitely recommend other parents to bring their children to Innovative Therapy Solutions. You will see a huge difference immediately!” 

Tiffany Herbert

“I was prompted to come to Innovative Therapy Solutions because of the location and private services. Harlem doesn’t have many places outside of clinics for children. The staff from the reception to the therapist are very great and hands on with my child as well as others. The most significant improvements from my child has been excellent! The well educated and professional therapists help my daughter in her areas of need.” 

Parent of 4-year old